Growing like a Weed

Make it stop! Make it stop!

Our sweet little girl passed the two month mark earlier this month, and I can’t believe how big she’s getting. Where a month ago I might have been able to wrap her up in a small little swaddle, now she’s more than capable of “Houdini’ing” herself out of whatever blanket contraption we put her in. Though it’s sad to say goodbye to our wrinkly, swollen, 6.5 lb. peanut, it’s exciting to wake up to our beautiful, pudgy (still wrinkled) nugget of a girl. Longer sleep cycles still evade us (rurrr!), but we can’t help but be overwhelmed with joy every time we see this little face looking back at us in the morning:



Ines and I bid a warm, “Adieu,” to the obstacles from the first two months, and look forward to watching our precious treasure sprout and start scooting around the house with those powerful little kickers. Happy 2 months+ Amilia!