North for the Holidays

Amilia got her first taste of road-tripping the past two days as the Manship’s decided to head up to the McMahan’s for the Thanksgiving holidays. We opted to make a halfway stop over in Taos, NM for Ines’ birthday (surprise!)…1) For the fun, and 2) to not push our luck with our 2.5-month old. Of course, our first travel experience wasn’t without its hiccups. About halfway into the drive we realized we packed pretty much everything one requires for a baby that’s breastfeeding: diapers, clothes, wipes, a Mom, car seat, stroller, Wubba-nubba, sleeper…wait a sec…where’s the sleeper?! Crap…#parentfail. So, we regrettably had to use the car seat for one night, and made a Target run as soon as we made it to Denver.

Things were much different from our last trip to Taos (not married/no baby), but the magic of the place was still there. We even had a little snow turning the quaint little town into a winter wonderland. I arranged a stay at the historic Taos Inn, which is a really fun combination of unique adobe rooms each with its own decorative scheme. Our room sported some exposed beams and plank ceiling, a wood-burning fireplace, and a very scenic courtyard.

The last time we stopped through town, Ines had the best steak of her life at Graham’s Grille, but come to find out the place recently had a tragic sewage backup; yikes! We hope they’re able to fix the damage in the future. We found another steakhouse suitor right by the inn, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner amongst a combo Parisian-Sante-Fe styled interior.



We then headed over to our Taos-made friend and artist, Tera’s, house for another awesome painting class where we did our best to replicate a unibrow’d mother-daughter combo. What’s funny is, with all the pictures we take, we’re pretty bad about getting them developed, framed, and on the wall. Our canvas art that we’ve done, however, takes up a lovely spot on two walls in our home: two in our Master, and the Buhol’s de Dia y de Noche in Amilia’s nursery, seen here.


I’m sure we’ll find a place for these newest works of art, and…hopefully get into the rhythm of getting some family pictures up as well (if only there was a way to stream them onto the walls of the house). The next morning, we set off for Denver, taking a more scenic route north of Taos – gorgeous – passing a few unfamiliar towns and some friendly faces as well:


4 1/2 hours later, we were opening the doors to the McMahan’s beautiful new home, nestled in the Aurora foothills of the Rocky Mountains, again – gorgeous. Plus, we’re super jelly of her house being so close to a Super Target, Starbucks, and a host of strip MALL stores and foodie joints. The home sports huge 10-ft tray ceilings throughout, beautiful hand-scraped hardwoods (in a stain much like our own), a massive kitchen with a double oven, and a man-cave downstairs capable of hosting a small mob. We’re really smitten by the tall two-panel interior doors, open layout, and all the beautiful wood finishings/furniture. Of course, they had a million questions to answer as we bombarded them with our renovation woes. We may have also started bargaining for some of the leftover items in their home…whoops! Ha –

We’re happy to have made it, and I’m sure, given the current amount of love Amilia is getting from her extended family, that she’ll have no problem adjusting to her new surroundings for the week, isn’t that right Lula and Bodhi?