Time Out

It’s safe to say that the largest obstacle to home renovation (though the best kind) is our sweet little girl.

Truly, I’ve been lacking in keeping this blog up to date with the latest and greatest concerning the Manship family. Free time is a luxury that Ines and I struggle for each and every day. Excuses, excuses, Mark! Yes, I know.

Here I sit this Sunday morning, however, coffee smells wafting from the cup next to me, calming music playing in the background, enjoying a nice reprieve as my girls take a well-needed (or in Ines’ case, a well-deserved) mid-morning nap. So, where should I begin?

– Our Home

The last update we generated was our laundry room update. I’m happy to say that we’ve made a significant leap in our renovation completion from that day. In addition to that wash-room wash, we:

  • Completed 99% of the flooring installation with a little help from EPC. The hardwoods look beautiful, and span every room in our home. Why 99%, you ask? Well, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to replace the brown-yellow shag in our coat closet…In all seriousness, we just haven’t finished it off.
  • Painted and installed baseboards in living room
  • Renovated our guest (downstairs) bathroom with the exception of the tub
  • Painted our backyard shed
  • Painted the stairway and Master bedroom
  • Changed out the layout of our Dining Room and “Formal Living Room.” The formal living room is now our dining room, and the old dining room is our new office where I’m sitting now 🙂
  • Painted our mailbox
  • Got rid of our “weed-wall” *tear*

– Amilia

Still breathing! Ha – she’s grown up so much in these past 6 months, and as we near her big 1 year date, Ines and I can hardly believe how much she’s changed since that first day we brought her home. Monthly photos are posted under “All Things Amilia.” She’s gone from scooting, to crawling, to standing up to tables and couches, and just recently taking her first steps all by herself! Crazy! Mobility is as scary as it is exciting, though…

We’re quickly learning why baby-proofing is necessary, especially in a home with ongoing renovation. Ines and Amilia are now attending “gymnastics” classes at Katz Gymnastics here in town, and while I don’t expect her to be doing round-offs any time soon, I could settle for a solid summersault or cartwheel 😉

– The Manship’s

Still chugging along here in Clovis; we had a temporary stay in Montgomery for SOS (pictures to come), but we’re back in good ole’ New Mexico for the time being. Still awaiting word on any potential move to Florida.