Final Touches & Torches

Yes, the day has finally come for us to put our house on the market, ahhh! With all our major projects done, we got to purging, cleaning, and staging. After meeting with our realtor, looking at comps, and figuring out a good price point, it was obvious that we were competing against some newer homes with a lot of features. One of those comps had a fire pit in the backyard, and after seeing it, I knew we had to have one. So, after some hard convincing on my part to Ines, I got to work.

First you’ll want to choose a location for your firepit; ensure that it isn’t too close to your house or underneath any structures or trees. You’ll also want to make room for any seating and walkways:


Materials you’ll need to get for this project:

  • Approximately 50-70 stone blocks, depending on the size of the material and the width and height desired
  • Caulking Gun
  • 3x tubes of Liquid Nails (Exterior)
  • 4-6 Bags of Pea Gravel or other filler, again depending on the width and height desired
  • 1-2 hours of free time and a truck (or a buddy with a truck)


I actually spent more time at Lowe’s planning out the fire pit than I did installing it back at the house (thank you Lowe’s employees for the free water).

Once you get it all uploaded and downloaded at your house; you’re ready to install. Dry-lay your first layer of stone to ensure you have the location set where you want to. You can then pick up each individual stone and apply caulking to the sub-surface.

PRO TIP: for optimal fire performance, leave small gaps throughout the first layer of your fire pit so that the fire can be supplied with oxygen from the ground up; most stones will provide these gaps naturally, so there’s no need to make anything egregious (1/4″ will work).

You will repeat this for each layer (helps to have 2 people for quick application); even Mili got in on the action as a General Contractor in training:


There’s no real need to wait until each layer dries as the stones/gravity act to your benefit; from start to finish, the laying took approximately 30 minutes. Once you have laid all of your stones, do a once-over to ensure there aren’t any outliers (stone poking out, misshapen sides, gaps, etc.).

Fill the firepit with pea gravel or whatever filler you chose, throw some wood in, invite some friends over, and roast up some mellows! This is an EASY, inexpensive way to dress up your outdoor space and add a custom touch to entertaining spaces.