Shipping Up to Boston

By Mark Manship

Well, the Boston Red Sox have done it again!

I didn’t get to watch as much baseball this year as I would have liked to, but this year has brought so many other good memories and events that I can’t complain. Still, it was nice to be able to catch up in August and follow my team right into Game 6 of the World Series!

After a tough series with Detroit, an “obstruction,” a pick-off win, and a rally in the mid-innings last night, the Sox filled my quota for drama for another year (I swear, no matter what game or series it is in September or October, Boston always manages to create high blood pressure and the environment for ulcers).

Of course, there’s no other way to watch the last game of the season than to throw some brauts on the grill, drink an ice cold beer…or Malta, and sport your brand new Sox memorabilia (thanks Mom!) with your very patient wife :).

Mustard for me please!
And 27 outs later…..
We’re celebrating in the Manship household; even Shiner didn’t mind being picked up and tossed about…just kidding! But we did share a brief moment of high-fiving brotherhood (as much as one can with a cat). It was definitely exciting getting to see the boys bring the pennant home, especially when they sealed the deal in Fenway.
And so ends baseball season for another year; see ya’ll in March for Spring Training!
You can see our uncarved pumpkins sitting there waiting to be crafted to perfection by Ines and I; I somehow managed to swing the pumpkin scooper gig for the night, and got them all cleaned out and ready to go for Halloween.