A Troublesome Pink Blender

By Mark Manship

Ines and I took advantage of a Labor Day Weekend sale a while back to buy a good majority of our paint for the interior of the home; we thought we had made sound color choices, but as we soon found out, the paint on the walls looks a mighty bit different than the paint swatches we originally viewed.

In our Master Bedroom, for instance, we were looking to create a sleek, romantic feel without darkening the space. Unfortunately, darkening was the only thing this paint did do well. While I was away on some training, Ines took the initiative to surprise me with a painted Master, only to find out that the color was way off the mark:

Well, back to the drawing board; we went back to Lowe’s to find a better suitor for our suite, and settled on a taupe that we hope will create the look we’re hoping for; more to follow on that room.

For the formal living room, we decided to go with a clean feel (whites, creams on the walls, curtains, and furniture with calm accent pieces); we settled on a Pearl white by Valspar, and got to work applying it to the walls:

This was by far the most frustrating paint job thus far; not only was the color a bit red for our taste, it blended right into the existing wall color when first applied, making it near impossible to determine what areas had been painted. A great test of patience!

It was much easier to figure out painted areas once dry, but it took a methodical approach to ensure that the walls were covered adequately before waiting for it to dry. At first, we weren’t thrilled with the color, but two to three coats later, we were singing a better tune.

We sanded, cleaned, and masked the old shiny dark wood window sills, painting them a bright white with some Valspar latex we had left over from a garage sale flip.


Upon completing the trim, removing our tape, and letting it dry for a few hours, the room was finally beginning to feel finished, a sight we had been looking forward to seeing for a few weeks. Next stop, flooring!