Back in Action

I can’t believe how much has happened since our last posting (Thanksgiving 2014) and I apologize for our absence, but the Manships are back at it! I’ll be generating a few posts updating everyone on our December, January, February dealings but for now, we’re excited to show our latest transformation inside the Yellow House.

Ines and I are ready to be DONE with the first floor, and that means renovating our two bathrooms, guest bedroom, and office. While we’ve done some preliminary demo on the guest bathroom, a discovery of some nasty mold behind the existing over-toilet cabinet brought the renovation to a halt until we can cleanse the area. So, instead of getting bogged down, we turned our attention to another side of the house.

Question: “What’s worse than doing laundry for you, your spouse, and a 5 month old?”

Answer: “Doing laundry for you, your spouse, and a 5 month old in a dark, gloomy closet.”

Here’s what we were working with when we got the keys to our home –


Ugh…that tile…*shivers*


And this is after our appliances came in –


Has a certain dungeon-y feel, huh? Well, we decided it was time to for a small facelift to this well-used portion of our home, and got to work!

First thing’s first, remove the crap from the closet and clean the area; I got to work removing the doors while Ines pulled all of the random shenanigans from our shelving. Then, it was time to prep the doors for paint:


It feels good to get the power tools back out again, especially when you have a new pair of worker’s gloves to don (Thanks Mom and Dad)!


After removing the hinges, I used a combination of orbital and hand sanding to rough up the surface on the doors. After wiping the doors clean, I set up my ‘Critter” paint sprayer ( and got to work. We chose Valspar’s “Chef White” from Lowe’s for the doors to match the kitchen cabinets. Here’s a shot of the doors before/after:


While the door paint was drying, we removed the existing shelving, and worked on painting the closet itself (Valspar’s “Olive Gray” for the walls, and a clean white base for the trim/baseboards). Unfortunately, we also had to remove one more row of tile (ugh…) and install a last few boards of wood flooring. For shelving, we Ines made me use some leftover floating shelves from our old apartment (I was pretty hell-bent on replacing the shelving as a whole, but in the end the recycled shelves contributed to the free-$0.99 price tag on the overall project).

I also opted to remove and paint the hot/cold water tap housing and circuit breaker cover for a little “freshening,” which helped to complete the picture.

Once all the paint finished drying, we proceeded to put everything back together, including giving the whole area and the appliances a good scrubbing. Suffice to say, we could have saved ourselves a little headache if I had labeled the doors in someway before repainting them, but after a little trial and error, we had the doors back “on track.” The same can’t be said for the poor doorknobs that sheared right off when we attempted to reinstall them, but we’ll probably head to Lowe’s in the next few days to see if we can find some matching hardware to that of our kitchen.

For such a small space, the transformation really makes a huge difference in the whole kitchen/living-room area. Instead of the attention being drawn to a dark corner when entering the room, it now feels significantly more cohesive. As always, a little white paint helps the medicine go…errr…helps brighten the darkest of spaces.